How To Rhyme Like Lupe Fiasco

10 Easy steps to rhyme like Lupe Fiasco

1. Pick a topic. It can be very general, from love, to violence, to drug dealing or life.

2. Make a metaphor for this topic...Make sure its really deep, so the unintelligent mass media wont understand what you are talking about, and think its just gibberish. It can be anything from ideas to objects (i.e.

darkness,(Hello/Goodbye) boxes,(the instrumental) alarms (intruder alert), hamburgers (Gotta Eat)

3. Use a lot of internal rhyme. This will let people know you can rap, even if they have no idea what the hell you are talikg about. For bonus points, either make 3 rhymes in a single bar, or rhyme with words that begin with the same letter (i.e.

purses, purchase)

4. Allude to a lot of things that nobody knows what the hell they are.And if you do use common things allude to nerdy things like Japanese manga, comic books, and video games...also refer to foods such as McBurgers (Gotta Eat) and pastries (the die)

5. Make sure you make at least one song that makes some kind of political statement about injustice....perhaps the white man's plot (American Terrorist) child soldiers in africa (Little Weapons) or even AIDS (streets on fire)..MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SPEAK DIRECTLY OUT ABOUT IT...shroud it in metaphor...

6. Dedicate your song to some random ass person, so that all your fans can think youre talking about them...it does wonders for record sales...i.e.

For my homie with the drink( Hip hop saved my life)

7.Shout out your incarcerated homeboys in the songs...but try to do this surreptitiously, so that the fans will start wearing shirts that say 'FREE CHILLY' or 'FREE R. KELLY' or such.

8.Rarely work with any artists outside your label. You wouldnt want poeple to think you actually associate with rappers that 'dumb down' their music would you? Be prepared for your album not to sell well because of lack of guest appearances.

9. Start a Supergroup with a guy that can rap,(Kanye) and one that makes people ask , why the hell is he in the group? (Pharell). Make sure you give yourselves a name thats cryptic as hell so you can shock the world....like Obama Hillary McCain, or even Child Rebel Soldier.....

10. Most important. Never make claims of being the best although you actually ARE.

Sit back and let some Baby- kissing, pothead calim the title of "Best Rapper Alive"

***No I Did Not Write This***

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